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At Monterey Legal Associates, APLC, we do not shy away from the courtroom to protect our client's rights and best interest. Going to trial is not an empty threat, IN fact, civil cases that come to our office are prepared as  if a trial is going to occur, even though many cases settle. 

Specific areas of our civil litigation practice include the following:

  • Personal injury lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants
  • Business disputes
  • Real estate transaction disputes
  • Breach of contract

Building strong and compelling cases requires fact-based investigations and attention to every detail. Preparing claims of negligence or contact disputes mandates customized strategies in pursuit of the best outcome. 

Lawsuits Can Damage Reputations And A Business's Bottom Line

Litigation only serves as a distraction to daily life and ongoing business operations, impairing the ability to make money through a job or business ownership. We are aware of clients' concerns regarding legal expenses and focus on cost-effective resolutions. Reaching out to the opposing side to start negotiations can save time and money. However, when the opposition refuses to talk or makes unreasonable demands, we are prepared to go to trial. 

At Monterey Legal associates, APLC, we understand the high-stakes nature of civil litigation. Our attorneys can relate to Monterey-based professionals and businesses dealing with disputes. Their reputations and the community's perceptions of them are on the line. Aggressive legal counsel can help preserve what they have worked so hard for.  

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